NUMATEC, the leading MarTech holding group with more than 300 employees in 22 countries, announced today the geographic expansion of its EKN subsidiary to Spain, Panama, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Since the pandemic, businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints, from websites and social media to mobile apps and chatbots.

Since the creation of privacy laws to protect the user’s data and restrict third-party cookies, marketers are facing one of their biggest challenges: the lack of tools to create attractive ads.

Back in the day, when the word marketing appeared in the advertising world, it was impossible to think of a customer as an individual with specific desires and preferences. The main objective was only selling a product or service as if it was “the best on the market”.

The gathering of user’s information may be one of the biggest concerns of your company, especially nowadays that third-party cookies are being restricted to protect customer data and privacy.

When it comes to thinking of a publicity strategy, you must probably do important market research to know your potential clients. However, sometimes users may be hard to comprehend because of the tons of information they consume and interact with.