When it comes to thinking of a publicity strategy, you must probably do important market research to know your potential clients. However, sometimes users may be hard to comprehend because of the tons of information they consume and interact with. So, how is it possible to imagine your “typical” clients and be capable of understanding and connecting with them as a brand? 

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) will definitely help you with this task which, by the way, is one of the main challenges of businesses nowadays. These platforms are, basically, software that collects, analyzes, and unifies data about all your customers to then create a single and complete view of each client. The possibility of having this amount of information will allow you to provide them with a unique and personalized experience.

The working process of Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

When your clients explore your website and social media, they are constantly giving you data about them. With every click, like, comment or share, they are telling you what their thoughts, preferences, needs, and wants are. Therefore, CDPs are in charge of gathering all the information to create a sort of “perfect client” profile. By doing this, you can not only anticipate what your customer will probably do or want but also find similar users to that “perfect client”.

In addition, CDP connects with different marketing systems which help to speed up processes and increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

The advantages of using Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms can be used in many situations in your company such as product recommendations, omnichannel automation, improved email deliverability and customer lifetime value, better and more online reviews, and more.

However, the main benefit of these platforms is that they allow you to be updated about your client’s needs by building specific profiles, as explained before. Therefore, you can provide a unique experience to each user depending on their characteristics and increase engagement with them.

As part of Numatec’s portfolio martech companies, Mobile Citi offers this type of solutions to help brands to achieve their main goal: stay connected with clients and retain them. With the use of innovative platforms, they design and integrate advertising strategies based on demographic and behavioral data, and as a result, each user receives personalized content.

The Cookie Lab, another digital marketing company of Numatec Group, establish a “client model” to identify similar audiences and create marketing campaigns to attract those potential customers, after collecting and analyzing users’ data. Furthermore, they can improve the user experience by personalizing the interaction.



In balance, if your marketing team is having difficulties understanding big amounts of information, CDP could be a great solution to solve these kinds of obstacles. By implementing them you will be able to understand better your customer’s behavior, actions, preferences, and therefore give users the exact content and attention they need.

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