Trading Desk

EKN Solutions

EKN combines the latest technology with an unmatched team in creativity to meet today’s marketing challenges.

A leading company in programmatic advertising solutions through state-of-the-art technology, targeted audiences, data, and premium content.

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Mobile Marketing innovations, technology and strategy solutions for O2O (ON to OFF) campaigns.


Eikon Digital is a marketing, media, and technology company that helps brands develop and execute on their digital marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing Agency that leverages technology to design and execute campaigns in record times and report them in real time.

Growth Marketing Agency and Scientific Advertising based on research, experimentation and validated learning.

Adtech/Martech Consulting

Ad Tech and Martech Solutions Reseller for Latin America. The Tech Partners provides Technical Solutions and Consulting Services.


EikonTech focuses on programmatic buying, offering solutions in the European, African and other international markets.

Tech media factory that helps clients address specific technology-related challenges to improve their business through programmatic platforms and intelligent advertising.

Supply Management

Hispanic Exchange offers marketing solutions to target U.S. Hispanic and Latin American audiences through a diversified portfolio of media properties.

Experts in AD OPS and digital marketing with various demand partners to ensure that your inventory is sold at the best possible price and help you make more profit.