In August 2023, Joe Navarro decided to launch his own company dedicated to digital marketing and focused on Hispanics in the US, with the idea that ‘it was time for media to do more’. Thus was born Varro Media, a minority-owned company dedicated to helping other businesses and brands reach their full potential through innovative and effective marketing strategies.

 Navarro, who had been working in media sales, said that he noticed that on certain occasions the market lacked scale and deep technical knowledge, having large teams for delivering reports on time, setting pixels correctly, delays in the launch of campaigns, among others setbacks. That led him to ask himself: “What would happen if I opened my own company, that was a small, but very efficient company that could close the scale gaps that we see in the market.”

He estimates that 60% of the campaigns they have been running are focused on Hispanics, but they also have quite a few general market and African-American campaigns.

“All brands deserve access to the best marketing solutions and technologies to succeed in today’s competitive market, no matter how small or large,” explained Navarro, general manager and president of Varro Media.

He explained that the timing of creating Varro Media was appropriate. He met the people of Numatec, a holding company for an international group of advertising services companies that invests in leading businesses in technology and digital marketing, who were looking to expand and incorporate a company focused on the Hispanic and multicultural markets in the US into their portfolio. “It really worked, we had a conversation, it escalated quickly, and before we knew it, we were partially acquired by Numatec,” Navarro said.

“And since our launch, in August 2023, things have been absolutely crazy. We have some really important brands and agencies like OMD and Publicis that we are working with. It is exciting. “We were able to hire two full-time employees and we are looking to add one or two more by the end of the year,” he highlighted.

And this is probably due to his more than ten years in the industry and the support of his friends in these tasks. “One of the really fantastic and heartwarming things was the support from friends in the industry, not just on the sales side, but also from agencies and brands. Once people found out what I was doing and that I had launched Varro Media, they offered to help me. “It’s been really exciting.”

In addition, there is the ability of Varro Media and Navarro to adapt, to be flexible, to test and provide their good performance to their clients. “We’re really good at performance,” he said. He explained that performance means different things to different people, for example, for one customer it’s subscriptions, for another it’s leads, for another it’s website visits or video views.

“We just want to make sure we can hit those KPIs and be realistic about it and if it’s something we can’t do, we’ll say we can’t do it because I want to make sure things work. Because at the end of the day, if we don’t look good, our clients don’t look good. That’s why we want to make sure everyone is happy,” he stressed.

Asked what sets Varro Media apart from other digital marketing companies, he said that being a small firm, they are more agile and can adapt. He referred, for example, to the depreciation of cookies that has many companies and brands worried, and although Google recently backed down on that, Navarro said that given the possibility that it could happen, they are not worried, since they do not depend on it.

He highlighted his ability to try different media approaches for his clients without impacting the budget. “I think we can try different things like Gaming, or DOOH (digital out of home).  Don’t limit yourself to what works, as if that’s what has always worked. I think what we’re trying to do here is think outside the box, let’s try these new audiences, say ‘this is working, how about we try gaming or try anime or try this, this and that?’ And we’ve been successful at this and it’s something that I’ve always liked about digital media, the data is there and it tells a story and you can make adjustments, you can test an audience, or not even have an idea of who your audience is, and find it.”

Navarro explained that there are many advantages to working in digital marketing. “It’s not boring. It always changes. (…) There is always something new to learn. People are always moving. So that’s what’s really exciting for me. (…) I like its spontaneity.”

In addition to providing its clients with digital advertising services, Varro Media is also investing in the community. They explain on their website that they have committed to donating a percentage of their profits to at-risk areas, such as underserved neighborhoods, schools, and organizations that support marginalized communities. “We believe that investing in these communities is not only the right thing to do, but it is also good for business, as it helps create a more sustainable and prosperous society,” he highlights.

Source (Spanish): Joe Navarro de Varro Media un 60% de nuestras campañas están enfocadas a los hispanos

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