NUMATEC and Spaceback amplify alliance to revolutionize LATAM’s AdTech ecosystem. Venturing deeper into social programmatic and DRTV Arenas, the collaboration is set to reshape digital advertising across Latin America.

NUMATEC announced a significant expansion of its partnership with Spaceback. This leading creative automation platform extends the power of social media content to digital advertising inventory across the open web. This strengthened collaboration solidifies NUMATEC’s exclusive representation of Spaceback in key Latam markets, including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Argentina.

Building upon their successful two-year partnership, NUMATEC and Spaceback are ready to elevate the Latam digital advertising landscape. Spaceback’s Social Display Ads, which seamlessly transform social media content into engaging banner ads, offer a fresh and practical approach to programmatic advertising. These ads bridge the gap between captivating social media content and the scale and efficiency of programmatic campaigns, catering to various objectives, including awareness, prospecting, and direct response. 

Casey Saran, CEO of Spaceback

“We’ve seen how Social Display ads consistently deliver increased click-through rates compared to traditional banner ads, and brand studies have demonstrated a remarkable 5X improvement in brand lift and consideration. Our track record, combined with NUMATEC’s consistent commitment to excellence as our exclusive partner in Latam, reaffirms our confidence in this strategic collaboration,” said Casey Saran, CEO of Spaceback.

Spaceback’s recent expansion into new formats, including Social Connected TV and Social Online Video, promises to deliver cutting-edge advertising solutions to NUMATEC’s clients, further enhancing their ability to connect with audiences and drive results.

 “We are thrilled to continue strengthening our partnership in Latam with Spaceback. With their latest offerings for Social Connected TV and Social Online Video, we are well-equipped to deliver even greater value and impactful campaigns to our clients,” said Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO of NUMATEC.

Giuliano Stiglitz, Founder & CEO of NUMATEC

The extended partnership between NUMATEC and Spaceback represents a significant milestone in the Latam advertising industry, as these two industry leaders combine their expertise to deliver innovative and powerful advertising solutions. 

“These innovative solutions perfectly align with our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing top-tier advertising solutions. This year has marked significant milestones, including forging new partnerships, expanding into new markets, and launching new business lines. We’re ready to write the next chapter of success alongside our valued partners and clients”, Stiglitz added.

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