The gathering of user’s information may be one of the biggest concerns of your company, especially nowadays that third-party cookies are being restricted to protect customer data and privacy. Even though these sources have been essential for marketing teams, there is a better alternative to achieve your business’s objectives.
First party data is information that you obtain from your clients through your own digital channels such as website or app behavior, email and newsletter subscribers, lead generation campaigns, social media, subscriptions, online chat, among others. Therefore, you have access to data that has been given in a consented way.

Which are the advantages of First Party Data?

In comparison with third or second-party data, first party data will allow you to have exclusive information that your competitors do not have. By knowing your audience’s interactions and movements through your platforms, your company can plan a marketing campaign designed for each specific user. In addition, first party data will help you to strengthen customer relationships not only because of the personalized attention and service but also because your business is being transparent with the use of user data. The accuracy and control of the information could be another benefit, which leads to spending less money on market research.

How can your business achieve its objectives by using First Party Data?

Once your marketing team has collected all the necessary information about your audience, it’s important that you upload the data to a Customer Relationship Management platform. This allows you to have a complete 360 view of each user and, therefore, being able to improve your content depending on the client’s needs. For example, emails sent to segmented audiences could be a great resource to increase engagement with your customers. Social media are indispensable if you are looking to build brand awareness or have a more fluent interaction with users. Or if you would like to re-engage lapsed customers, you could offer loyalty programs or membership with discounts or benefits.

How to get started with First Party Data?

Maybe your company is having difficulties with the understanding and administration of big amounts of data because of organizational and technological factors. However, there are businesses that can help you to improve the experience you offer to customers. For instance, Eikontech, a digital advertising company which is part of Numatec and offers digital solutions for business in Europe, has data and optimization services that focus on collecting and analyzing information to create ads or content for specific audiences. Also, Sí Señor, another digital agency part of the same holding, works in the generation of personalized digital experiences for different channels based on first party data.


For years, third party cookies were thought to be the solution for marketers to get closer to the audience’s needs and preferences. However, with the advance of privacy laws in the digital world, companies are facing one of their biggest challenges: how to be updated about what your users want.
First party data is the best option to have access to a client’s information not only because you are using data in a safe and consented way, but also because it’s essential information that your competitors can’t obtain. Furthermore, it’s simpler rather than using an external source. If you are ready to grow your digital business to the next level, Get In Touch.