Back in the day, when the word marketing appeared in the advertising world, it was impossible to think of a customer as an individual with specific desires and preferences. The main objective was only selling a product or service as if it was “the best on the market”. Even though sales and rentability are one of the most important aspects for any company, the consumer’s image has changed throughout the years thanks to the advance in technology.

Customers are now more likely to choose brands that not only sell products that cover their needs but also that give them the feeling that they are being listened to and that they care about their thoughts and preferences. If you have been wondering how your business can stand out from the rest or which is the best way to increase engagement with clients, then personalization is the correct answer for you.

In simple terms, personalization is the act of tailoring an experience or communication based on information a company has learned about an individual. This means that every customer must have a special and unique experience through your brand’s channels such as websites, emails, mobile apps, online chats, and so on.

How to implement personalization?

Personalization requires your marketing team to have a complete 360 view of each customer. Therefore, it’s important to have control and register their data to be then able to design a specific experience. Some of the basic aspects that you must pay attention are geolocation, buyer status, browser or device type, active time spent, number of site visits, affinity toward products along with their characteristics, mouse movement, purchases made, articles read, videos viewed, and more.

Benefits of personalization

Once you have collected and analyzed all the information, you will have the tools to create or show content that suits each user best. This will allow you to increase engagement, improve the number of KPIs, drive conversations and gain your customer’s loyalty. As you are running your business, you must remember that people are always expecting personalization because it makes them feel good and special. Some trends in the marketing world have been showing this.
For example, facial recognition is helping clothes brands all around the world to increase their sales massively. This type of technology detects foot traffic, calculates average shopping time, and analyzes customer moods and behaviors. Therefore, the system recommends items based on their likes or dislikes. Furthermore, personalized loyalty programs with exclusive releases, discounts, or VIP access to customer service are common strategies to retain clients.

Where can you find personalization services?

Mobile Citi, a marketing agency from Numatec’s portfolio, can help you to offer your customers the best-personalized experiences. With the use of advanced technology, they create specific content based on the user’s geolocation and algorithms. By this, your clients will constantly communicate with your brand according to their needs.
On the other hand, EKN Solutions -from Numatec’s portfolio too- has services based on the analysis of data and content creation. Once they have collected all the necessary information, they count on the tools to design a unique experience based on the client’s style and preferences through different platforms and formats.


In times when users are overexposed to all kinds of advertisements, personalized attention becomes an indispensable element for any brand. Therefore, the crucial role of personalization is to give context to the message or experience you are delivering to each one of your customers. By implementing this strategy, your clients will feel heard, comprehended, and that their needs, interests, and preferences are valued by you.

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