Marketing automation platforms are one of the best tools to deliver the right message, to the correct person at the right time. Even though working with account teams and data scientists it’s essential, adding automation processes simplifies repetitive tasks, provides a more personalized experience, serves relevant and high-performing ads, and makes the marketing strategy more effective. The result: new leads to increase revenue. 

Nowadays, one of the main challenges for businesses is to catch users’s attention and retain them because of social media, and the Internet in general. It’s like a big shop window. Information and the possibility of purchasing a new product are there 24 hours a day and audiences tend to be more demanding. Therefore, sometimes it’s hard to know in precise detail what their needs are and what they are thinking.

What is digital marketing automation?

We can define it as the software and digital tools that gather and analyze information and help us make better decisions based on data related to customer behavior. It makes AB tests, It also reduces manual work: with this kind of technology you will no longer need to press manually send on each email or add you create. It‘s AI doing part of the hard work. So you can focus on another important task: making the business grow.  

Why you should have already started

Incorporating these digital tools into a publicity strategy has lots of benefits. For instance, marketing automation platforms can act quickly to changing market conditions and provide you with information about what type of content is working effectively and what doesn’t. Also, the analysis that they make about users’s data is extremely deep, so you have the opportunity to be closer to them and know what they actually want. All this leads, of course, too fast decision-making.

How to implement marketing automation platforms in an advertising strategy?

Google and social media platforms can show tons of information and statistics about potential clients. However, there are also some agencies that offer this type of service in a personalized way.

Sí Señor, a Growth Marketing agency from Numatec, is an example. Their main priority is using automation to target a specific audience, create effective communication with them and, therefore, generate purchase flows. By this, brands gain not only economic revenue, but also recognition in a niche market, which gives a sense of safety and trust to users. Sí Señor has other services such as content optimization, web engineering, and more.

Another agency from Numatec that will help you to carry your advertising strategy on is The Tech Partners. They offer different platforms that accelerate all processes related to obtaining data and analyzing it, to then being capable of understanding your audience and satisfying its needs.

In balance, even though letting marketing automation platforms do all the work isn’t the solution to your advertisement plan, it could be a powerful tool to solve some issues that, on a day-to-day basis, require lots of hours. This advanced technology is worth using because its high level of automation will allow you not only to find new clients and have a better position in the market but also to complete more tasks by saving time and money.

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