There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world in lots of aspects, especially in terms of consumption. The impossibility of going to a store and being in touch with different brands produced big changes in customer 
Enterprises from Latin America took advantage of this chaotic context and improved, thanks to MarTech (the combination of technology and marketing), their campaigns, and their relationship with customers. A recent study by NTT DATA and MIT Technology Review revealed that, besides social media, 40% of businesses use technological tools in their marketing strategies. Some of them are CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Social Listening.

The popularization of TikTok

How can agencies get closer to users? In recent years, social media has proven its power to connect people and create communities all around the world. Enterprises need to be where audiences are and, nowadays, TikTok it algorithm, the platform works as the main bridge to maintain a direct, fluent, and organic conversation with clients. 
Subscribing to apps and websites implies users give their personal data. This may result in intrusive for many customers, so businesses are developing solutions to respect their privacy. David Abad expressed that the best way to obtain user data without being invasive is to let them post and share things about their lifestyles with their communities. By doing this, the objective is to achieve a more authentic relationship with users and gather information in a collaborative and consented way.
Abad shared an example about this to RTB House:

Buy from home

Since the pandemic, E-Commerce has grown to unimaginable scales. In Latin America, people find it faster to buy products or services via Instagram or WhatsApp rather than going shopping. However, this new consumption habit might improve with advanced technology such as the Metaverse, one of the main trends in the digital world. This futuristic environment provides an immersive and realistic experience, where users can try products before purchasing them in real life.

Singularity and preferences

Another common practice is to offer customers unique and personalized content. UX Designers focus on creating a better experience for each user to satisfy their needs and retain them.
In a context where information and entertainment overstimulate people, companies must be very clever when it comes to catching the attention of their potential clients. The recent marketing tools and strategies from Latin American brands showed that there is a clear effort to stay updated about the latest trends in the digital market and to be closer to users. These practices might open new opportunities in the marketing and advertising world, where audiences have a more active and participatory role.

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