Europe-Based Programmatic Martech Reseller Diversifies NUMATEC Suite, Offering Solutions to Trading Desks and Clients

MIAMI, FL -MARCH 4, 2021– NUMATEC, a holding company focused on media and Martech ventures across the globe, officially welcomes EikonTech to its portfolio. EikonTech focuses on programmatic buying, supporting both trading desks and clients who seek to internalize their digital management, offering solutions in the European, African and other international markets.

“We’re excited to welcome EikonTech, a Europe-based Martech solutions reseller offering software for trading desks and agencies, to our growing portfolio at NUMATEC,” said Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO of NUMATEC. “We look forward to realizing the potential of programmatic self-service solutions in EikonTech’s markets.”

Since its launch in 2019, EikonTech has been the exclusive reseller of Zeta DSP (formerly RocketFuel/Sizmek) in several markets and has progressively expanded its product offerings to include DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization), Audience Profiling and Analytics and CDP (Customer Data Platform) solutions. In the next two years, the company plans to focus on the growing Connected TV market and the challenges of a Cookie-less web.

Davide Tarabelloni, EMEA Commercial Director of EikonTech said, “Today’s announcement marks a special moment for our team at EikonTech. The backing of NUMATEC and support of its holding company will enhance our global market connectedness and service offerings. We have big things planned this year.”

Will Margiloff, Chief Strategy Officer and President of Programmatic at Zeta Global, a key NUMATEC and EikonTech partner, said, “Zeta began partnering with NUMATEC in 2019 to market our DSP in Spain, Italy and the Latin America region. We have experienced a great partnership together with their expertise in international buying and strategy for our Zeta technology, resulting in a substancial increase in our sales leads. We look forward to working together more closely in the future.”

Based in Miami, FL and established in 2020, NUMATEC is a holding company that owns and operates a fast-growing portfolio of leading digital marketing tech companies in 22 countries. The company actively seeks out new opportunities to scale companies in the media and Martech industries to build the world’s premier network of service providers for today’s global brands. Uniquely positioned to offer superior service and value, NUMATEC boasts a global footprint that is unparalleled.

EikonTech, dealer of products related to the world of Programmatic Buying, supports both Trading Desks and customers who want to internalize digital management, offering solutions with exclusive features in the European and international panorama. Arrived in the Italian market in 2019 in Milan as exclusive reseller or Zeta DSP (former RocketFuel/Sizmek), EikonTech has progressively expanded its product offer also including DCP (Dynamic Creative Optimization), Audience Profiling and Analytics and CDP (Customer Data Platform) solutions. EikonTech is part of the Miami-based NUMATEC holding company that owns and operates a rapidly growing portfolio of digital marketing technology companies in 22 countries.

CJ Nance